About Quilt Bot

Quilt Bot is an app designed by Half Year Studio that can algorithmically generate unique patchwork quilt patterns. Think of the Quilt Bot as your "digital collaborator" - it takes an uploaded image as an input, and generates an abstracted version in the form of a patchwork design. The Quilt Bot gives you the pattern from which to create a meaningful patchwork quilt, which could commemorate, host memory or hide secret messages.

photograph of a quilted wall hanging made using the quilt bot, in autumnal colours

The pattern has been designed to be simple enough for a beginner sewer to make at home. This can be done by hand or using a sewing machine.

About Half Year Studio

Half Year Studio is a Glasgow based design studio working across print, interiors, furniture and software design. The studio, run by designer David Ross and software engineer and illustrator Rosemary Ferrier, has an interest in environmentally responsible materials and methods of production, and combines custom designed software with both digital and craft fabrication techniques. The studio aims to use software and craft as tools to democratise the design and making processes and enable self-expression through objects created for the interior environment.

photograph of a quilted wall hanging made using the quilt bot, in cool colours